Take at least one, a chance.


Take at least one, a chance.
A life without a chance is like a baseball player without his baseball bat. A baseball game can get so monotonous when player after player steps up to the base, watches the pitcher, swings the bat, and eventually gets to first base. It’s the same routine. Over. And over. And over. For almost every player. This doesn’t mean baseball is boring. No, i am not saying baseball is boring. Then, Just when you least expect, right as you get up to go buy another hot dog, you hear the cheering and screaming from the fans because the last player didn’t just follow the routine and hit the ball. This player, he hit a home run. Out of the ballpark. He swung beyond his chances, beyond the expectation. He took a chance. That player is what makes baseball not boring. He turned heads. He caused the cheering. He swung a little faster, tried a little harder, stretched his abilities just a little bit more. He took a chance. This doesn’t mean that his team won the game. He just created a moment that is unforgettable.
This scenario seems to be so similar to my life, your life, everyone’s life. Like a baseball player stepping up to the plate, people get into their routine of doing the same thing everyday. They get comfortable with how they do things and the people they associate with. Sometimes, we just forget to take a chance every once in a while. It healthy to take a chance not only when others least expect it, but when you least expect it for yourself. Eventually the things you build for yourself will weaken and begin to fall down. We all need a strong base that we can always rely on when situations start to fall. Why not extend your comfort zone to expand yourself and strengthen your base. It doesn’t have to be showy or perfect, just out of the ordinary. And eventually, one of the out of the ordinary chances you take will become extraordinary. And that extraordinary chance is what becomes unforgettable.


Hey, beautiful girl.

I see these young beautiful girls all the time. Everywhere. They’re gorgeous, just radiating with love. Sometimes, some of these illuminating young girls with a bright future just do not understand their worth. Sometimes they hide away by themselves, pretending that they would rather be alone. Sometimes they are living in envy. And these girls break my heart.
I can’t help but wish I could love every one of these girls with so much joy that they couldn’t help but open their eyes to their greatness. What I would give to turn around this culture and make these girls understand just how special they are. When I see a girl at the mall sheepishly walking by herself because her friends deserted her, I just want to run up to her and tell her how glad I am to meet her because she is the only girl ezactly like her that I will ever see. If she could just see that she is special. Limited edition. There is NO ONE like her. She is beauty. She was made for greatness. We were all made to achieve greatness.

The girl in the dress.


The girl in the dress. The girl with the most unexplainable style. The girl with the beautiful smile, the shining personality, the girl with the intelligence, with the open friendliness. The girl who can be trusted with anyone and anything, the one who can always have your back. The girl admired by her peers because of her confident sense of self. The one who wears her dignity on her sleeve and does everything with integrity. This is the girl everyone knows. The one who turns heads. This is the girl in the dresses, the skirts, the rocker jeans, the feathers and chain earrings, but also the comfy sweaters and girly rain boots. This is the girl who has everyone. The whole school would mourn at her funeral because she is just so known. Yet, this is the girl who has close to no one. The one who never gets to go to dances. This girl never gets asked out, this girl never gets recognized. This girl is a winner of the genetic lottery. This girl is stunningly gorgeous without her dress. Without the makeup. This is the girl who twirls in a dress everyday in the stairway with a line behind her as she puts away her perfect test scores, but this same girl is always so alone. This is the student who could have been valedictorian, but she never will be. This is a girl who knows priorities. This is a girl who knows suffering, and she knows what’s important. This is a girl who has saved her soul. This is a girl who gave up being the top student in order to trust her life in her faith. This is the girl in the dress who took a chance, she went to the prom with her girlfriends. This is the girl that everyone wants a picture with. This is the girl who never lets her guard down. The one who will never forget the time she gave herself up as a young girl for someone unworthy on one dark and lonely, starless night. This girl has forgiven herself, but she can never get over the one who let her fall for him. Even for just a few short hours. This is the girl who found the sun behind the clouds. She is so confused because she attracts everyone, but yet no one. This is the girl who went to the dance alone. The girl who always stands straight even with her crooked past. This girl hides all her unGodly and ugly secret stories. This is a girl who will never break anyone in fear of punishing anyone with the way she feels. This is a girl who has felt every feeling except love of another. This girl goes to the dance alone. And she spins all night long. This girl in this dress makes a scene for herself. She falls in love with the sight of her classmates enjoying their night together. This is the girl confident enough to be alone even when no one wants her. This is the girl in the dress. The girl in the dress with everyone. The girl in the dress who loves. Loves everyone. The girl in the dress who will be something. Someone. The girl in the dress cried the whole way home. This girl cried the whole way home. The girl in the dress. She cries. She irreplaceable. Shes untouchable. She cant tell you why, but this girl, the one with the dress, knows she’s special. The girl in the dress spun on the dance floor all night long. This girl has been to hell every night. The girl who wears that dress, she has seen the crime, the abuse, the faulty love, the lies and the screaming. She’s seen close to Hell. And yet, then she comes back to earth during the day. The dress she wears is a dream with a million little stars. The girl in the dress is just a little taste of heaven. This girl in the dress is real.

Purity is worth dying for



July 6, the day dedicated for Maria Goretti. Please, read this story.

His name is Alessandro. He was about 20 years old and lived in Italy. Unfortunately, Alessandro had a reputation, a background, of doing, reading, and looking at things that are impure. He was very tempted by the media, and he engaged in things that were pleasure-only. Not too far off from the temptations people are doing today.
Alessandro lived next door to this little neighbor girl. She was pretty cute. He sees her, and he wants her. So he approaches her, “hey, c’mon, let’s go over here, hey” and he keeps talking to her, and he keeps trying on getting her to do things. He consistently says impure things, and it embarrasses her. She responds saying “stop, no. Don’t, stop, this isn’t right. No, no, no, I’m not going to do that. Get away.”
She is a very faithful young girl. She grew up in a catholic family. She loves God. She wouldn’t do anything wrong.

Alessandro keeps approaching her. And it happens the next day. And the next day. And the next day. Until finally, she puts her foot down and says “NO. Alesandro, NO. I’m not doing this. GOD DOES NOT WANT THIS.”
This just fuels Alessandro’s anger. He wants this so bad.
So the next day, he comes back, thinking, “you know what. I’m going to show her. I’m going to how her that I am in control.”
So he goes up to her and finds her where no one is around, and he takes her. He tries to force himself upon her. He says “I’ve been trying to do this for a while, you keep denying me. I’m going to get what I want.” And she just keeps screaming “NO! God does not want it! God does not want it!”

She was defending her purity. DEFENDING IT. Can you believe that? I think about today, my own past, I didn’t even Defend my own purity. We don’t see it as this prize, this beautiful treasure. And instead, we just give it up. Here, take it. How many times have we done that? And here is this girl, who is defending it to the death!

Alessandro gets so mad.Then, he is able to find something, and he takes this knife, and he stabs her in the chest. He stabs her again. And again.
Fourteen times. Fourteen times, Maria Goretti was stabbed. Fourteen times in the chest.
He leaves her dead and runs off.
Maria’s family takes her to the hospital, and she lays there for another 20 hours. While in the hospital, she talks to her mother and says “I forgive him”.
She’s on her deathbed, and she forgives him. And she actually means it. She’s terribly in pain, and she forgives him. After she forgave him, she dies.
That is St. Maria Goretti. At just 11 years old. She defended her purity, her virtue until her death. It would have been easy to give in, but Maria didn’t. She held on to her purity with such strength and courage.

Alessandro was then sentence to jail for 30 years. He went to jail angry, and he spent year on after in darkness just at the being of despair. He refused to confess or repent. Just when he is about to lose all hope, he sees this vision of this beautiful young women. It’s of Maria Goretti. And she’s surrounded by white Lillies. White Lillies are the symbol for purity. This is when he realized that she had really forgiven him. She forgave him. He converts.
Later when he is released from jail, he becomes the Gardner at a monastery. When he is about 80 years old, he releases a letter for the public. In this letter he shares his wrong in his past and emphasizes the beauty of Maria Goretti.

To me, this Is such a powerful story. July 6 is the feast day for St. Maria Goretti, and this is why I share this story today. Maria is the patron for young girls, purity, crime victims, and forgiveness. I think that everyone no matter what background, race, or religion can learn something from Maria and Alessandro. What makes me sad is when people, myself included, don’t realized how special their gifts are and how great they were made to be.



Forgiveness. Yes, it is important.


Forgiveness. Yes, it is important.

It’s the hardest thing to do, but it’s also the most rewarding. It’s the glue that heals the cracks that keep you from crossing the bridge. It’s the Tide Pen that removes the stains from your favorite shirt. It’s the road sign that keeps you on the right road on the map. It’s the arrow that points you on the path to success. It’s one of the most beautiful gifts we were born with, but unfortunately, it’s also one of the least used gifts. Forgiveness is powerful. Forgiveness can change your day, your attitude, or your life.

Missing Something?

I lose things all the time.  Everyday, something else goes missing.  I never thought I was a messy person, I am just unlucky enough to misplace things way too often.  Luckily, every time I can’t find something, I am always given some help. 

I will never forget sitting in the pew at church one Sunday while the priest talked on and on and on about the power of the saints.  It wasn’t until he began talking about how he always finds the things he misplaces when my ears perked up.  I actually remember thinking “I lose things all the time, he loses things all the time, he must be telling me a special message.”   Well, he did.


So long story short, whenever I lose anything, I simply say a quick prayer rhyme to St. Anthony.  The rhyme goes: “Tony, Tony come around. Please help what is lost to be found.”

That’s all it takes.  When you’re frantically searching for that important possession, just think about Tony, and I can assure that you will find it.  Tony has NEVER failed me.  I have never gone long term without finding what I have lost when I have placed all my trust in Tony.

Another quick helpful rhyme:  Ever driven around a parking lot multiple times because you just can’t seem to find an open space?  Well, it just so happens that Mother Cabrini looks after parking lots. 


So instead of wasting gas for ten minutes,driving aimlessly around a parking lot, just say “Mother Cabrini, don’t be a meanie. Find me a space for my machiney.”

These have never failed me. I believe that if you trust in them, you will always find your missing items and you can find a close parking space at the mall!